Nick Collingwood - Artist Spotlight

Nick Collingwood -

Nick is one of the featured photographers in the gallery show Portraits From The New Jazz Age . We're excited to be showing his instant film prints as well as a screening of his Super 8mm motion film taken at the Jazz Age Lawn Party .  

"I am a motion designer and filmmaker by day in NYC but I am an avid user of all things film in my spare time.

My love for vintage photography began a few years ago and has since turned into an obsessive hobby. I have countless vintage cameras at home both for decoration and use. As my collection grows I find my digital camera spending much more time left at home. On my past few vacations I have gone completely analog. I love the challenge that it presents because of the limited number of images you can take. It really forces you to wait for the right moments and I honestly just love the way film looks and feels.

I have used Polaroids and Super 8 to capture all sorts of moments in my life and others as well. From weddings to travel to my own engagement. All on film. I don't want to be the next Spielberg or need some crazy camera rig. I just love shooting film. And these are images you will cherish forever so why not make them unique, nostalgic and awesome!"

- Nick Collingwood