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Crash Course: Color Darkroom



None, although we do recommend taking Crash Course: Darkroom Basics, which introduces students to the Black & White darkroom.

Materials included:

Color photographic paper
All darkroom chemistry


$76.50 /Basic Members
$68 /Emerging Members
$59.50 /Pro Members

Who should take this class:
The Analog Color Darkroom workshop is for anyone interested in learning about the color photography printing process in the traditional color darkroom. If you're a digital shooter looking to discover the unparalleled dynamic range, smooth tonality and dreamy rich colors of analog negative film and paper, this is the perfect introductory class for you. 

What you will learn:
The class will cover basic enlarger operation, contact printing of negatives, as well as color filtration to balance out color casts and achieve a great-looking print. Additionally we'll discuss proper darkroom etiquette and safety so that you'll be able to use the color darkroom with confidence. In a few short hours, you'll be well on your way to creating luminous photographic enlargements with that extra magic that only analog technology can provide.

What to bring:
We'll introduce you to the printing of contact sheets and enlargements exclusively from pre-processed negatives. Shot, undeveloped film can be dropped off and picked up at Gowanus Darkroom or your nearest photo lab (you can request "C-41 process-only" which will yield the finished negatives). Alternatively, you can drop off your film at least 2 days in advance at Bushwick Community Darkroom and they can process your negatives as well. 

Earlier Event: February 12
Crash Course: Darkroom Basics