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Crash Course: Pinhole Photography



What to bring



Knowledge of darkroom film processing or printing techniques would be helpful but not required. 


$76.50 /Basic Members
$68 /Emerging Members
$59.50 /Pro Members


Go back to the basics and learn about the origins of photography. The camera obscura, or pinhole camera, strips photography of all the fancy gears and gadgets breaking it down to its bare bones: a black box, a hole, and light. Learn how photographers have achieved certain effects by creating their own handmade cameras and make your own! 

In this workshop you'll learn the aesthetics of pinhole photography and construct your own pinhole camera using a simple cardboard box. We'll venture outside to capture images and then develop them in the darkroom. You'll walk away with your own hand-made camera and impressionistic views that hark back to the very beginning of photography.

Who should take this class

Anyone interested in analog and alternative photographic processes.

Earlier Event: February 8
Crash Course: Darkroom Basics
Later Event: March 6
Crash Course: Darkroom Basics