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Crash Course: Developing Film




$76.50 /Basic Members
$68 /Emerging Members
$59.50 /Pro Members

Who should take this class:
There's nothing quite like good black-and-white film for smooth continuous tone and unmistakable vibe.  Whether you're a recent acquaintance or long-time lover of analog, you'll probably want to learn the fascinating physical process of developing your own black-and-white film.  Through careful selection and manipulation of chemistry, you can actually achieve the most creative variation of your images at the film developing stage, and you'll feel like quite the alchemist as well.

What you will learn:
In this class you'll learn to properly load a film reel and development tank, taking care to do so in a completely dark environment  We'll show you have to negotiate the multi-step film development process, including when to make changes to produce different results, and what to watch out for to avoid problems.  And we'll show you how to properly wash, dry and store your processed negatives for archival purposes, so that they still look great many decades from now.

What to bring:
Bring a roll or two of fully-shot black-and-white film.  This can be 35mm or medium format, but it must be traditional process black-and-white (not Kodak T400CN or Ilford XP2, which use color chemistry to produce black-and-white results)

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