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Essential Medium & Large Format (6 weeks)

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Gowanus Darkroom
119 8th St #212, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Meets 6 consecutive weeks


$332.50 /Basic Members
$380 /Emerging Members
$427.50 /Pro Members

Includes 6 week limited membership to Gowanus Darkroom ($300 value)
Limited membership includes unlimited access to darkroom space and facilities during normal operating hours

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Code valid until 10/1/17


To fully maximize the potential of Analog, you've gotta go big.  Physical size matters in photography, and just as sensor size can have a massive influence on the way your digital photos look, film size is a huge factor in optical resolution.  In fact, you won't be able to find a DSLR that comes close to the rendering quality of a good large format camera.  To replicate the resolution of 8x10 sheet film, you would need a sensor that captures 1,280 Megapixels!

From the get-go, we'll launch directly into the ins and outs of 120, 220, 4x5 and even 8x10 film, including how to load the cameras, how to check for errors, and how to properly control and expose these frames.  We'll shoot cameras ranging from the single and twin-lens reflex medium format, to studio and field versions of large format camera, and you'll get to process and print from these larger film sizes in the Black & White darkroom.


Who should take this class

You've gotten a taste for the Analog world, and now you want the best of the best.  Stepping up from the 35mm frame to larger film sizes comes with a number of advantages, but the most important one is easy to see: quality.  If you want the sharpest image, the finest detail, the richest tonality and that incredible 3-D depth that digital cameras can't touch, then you want to start shooting medium and large format cameras.

What to bring

If you have one, bring your medium or large format film-based camera.  We'll have cameras on hand for in-class use, but check out eBay or KEH for deals on used Rolleiflex, Yashica, Sinar or other types of classic cameras.  If you need help deciding, contact us!  All darkroom chemistry included with the price of this class.  Film and paper may be purchased separately.

You'll get a temporary membership at the darkroom during the course of the class ($300 value) with printing time included in the price of this class.

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