Portraits from the new jazz age

Portraits from the New Jazz Age
September 17th - October 12th
Gowanus Darkroom
160 7th St #212
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Gowanus Darkroom presents Portraits from the New Jazz Age, a film photography and alternative process group exhibition featuring images shot entirely at the Jazz Age Lawn Party over the past 5 years and beyond.  Showcasing work from several photographers, this exhibit consists of images made using a variety of photographic and print mediums.  The photographers have attempted to capture the energy of the people and the day in a way that represents the spirit and vigor of the event, employing traditional film photography, silver prints, palladium prints, cyanotypes, instant film and motion picture film.

The Jazz Age Lawn Party, a summer celebration of the music, mirth and fashion of the 1920s, is a unique event that inspires and brings together people from all walks of life.  An amazing place to people watch and observe, this event is a portrait photographer's paradise.  There is a palpable mirth, an infectious energy that manifests itself in every smile, every shared laugh and every note played. 

We are pleased to present as part of the show a special painted cutout installation by Susan Sills in conjunction with the Art Slope Festival

GalLery Opening Party

We cordially invite you to celebrate the opening of the exhibition with the photographers. Vinyl DJs set the soundtrack for an unforgettable evening of art, community and analog experiences. Drinks and snacks will be availble by donation.  Free Instant Film portraits in our portrait booth while the film lasts.

Portraits from the New Jazz Age
Saturday September 17th @ 7PM
Gowanus Darkroom
160 7th St #212
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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FeatureD Photographers

Greg Brophy
Nick Collingwood
Nick Cordaro
RA Friedman
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Dean Chooch Landry
Elliot Negron
Jesse Peterson
Erica Price
Mike Scully
Jim Shulman

Susan Sills - Painter and Cutout Artist