Gallery Opening Party Pics by Rachel JUN

A big "Thank You!!" to everyone who came out to the gallery opening party for Portraits from the New Jazz Age!  The art, the photographers, the music, the people... it truly was a night to remember.

Check out some pics from the party.  Thanks to Gowanus Darkroom member Serge Cashman for taking these photos.

Dean Chooch Landry - Artist Spotlight by Rachel JUN

Dean Chooch Landry - 

Dean is one of the photographers featured in our gallery show Portraits from the New Jazz Age.  Shooting primarily with antique large format cameras, he creates fascinating images full of detail yet containing a surreal quality.  If you're a film photographer looking to be inspired and challenged you need to give Dean's work a gander.  Come see his images large and in person at the gallery opening party Saturday Sept 17th.

Instagram - @deanchoochlandry 
Website - 
Facebook - dean.c.landry
Tumblr - choochland

Erica Price - Artist Spotlight by Rachel JUN

Erica Price -

Erica is one of the artists in our gallery show Portraits from the New Jazz Age .  She's an editorial and portrait photographer who seems to be everywhere in NYC with her cameras.  She'll be showing instant film prints she snapped with her Polaroid Land Camera alongside some silver gelatin fiber prints.  

"Based in New York City. Freelancer specializing in editorial and portrait photography. Have loved photography ever since I was six years old and made my first camera out of Legos. Currently shoot a mix of digital and film. The project dictates the medium. Love to travel and get immersed in local culture."

Instagram - @eternalpixny
Website -

Susan Sills - Artist Spotlight by Rachel JUN

Susan Sills -

In conjunction with the Art Slope Festival, we are pleased to announce the participation of the renowned painter and cutout artist Susan Sills in our gallery opening event for Portraits from the New Jazz Age .  Susan has installed the piece QUE SERA SEURAT? from her series Updating the Masters at the Gowanus Darkroom space.  This lifesize installation is breathtakingly beautiful.  Come see it in person at our gallery opening on Sept 17th.

"My life-size, freestanding cutouts are an attempt at a whimsical restructuring of art history. By releasing familiar images from the confinement of the frame and thrusting them into real space the paintings confront the contemporary viewer in new and surprising ways that invariably provoke not only smiles but also fresh insights.

Continuing a project I started over 20 years ago, my sculptures explore the magic of encountering familiar personages from Art History in a totally new context, often putting them together in combinations that tell a completely new story. Renoir's dancing couple, Velasquez' princess, Gauguin's Tahitian maiden all somehow change when they enter our rooms.
With a jigsaw I carefully cut fine birch plywood to shape, and then recreate  in oil paints the original artist's technique, be it the heavy impasto of Van Gogh or the subtle glazes of Ingres. Rendered life size regardless of the size of the original, they are able to relate not only to us but also to each other."


Greg Brophy - Artist Spotlight by Rachel JUN

Greg Brophy -

Greg Brophy is a Brooklyn-based photographer who documents New York’s disappearing neighborhoods and the void that is left there. He primarily works with medium and large format film and often uses alternative printing methods to connect the finished piece with the subject matter.

Greg will be exhibiting palladium prints taken at the Jazz Age Lawn Party for our gallery show Portraits from the New Jazz Age which opens on Sept 17th.  

Twitter: @gregbrophy
Instagram: @gregbrophy
Facebook: gregbrophypholto

Nick Collingwood - Artist Spotlight by Rachel JUN

Nick Collingwood -

Nick is one of the featured photographers in the gallery show Portraits From The New Jazz Age . We're excited to be showing his instant film prints as well as a screening of his Super 8mm motion film taken at the Jazz Age Lawn Party .  

"I am a motion designer and filmmaker by day in NYC but I am an avid user of all things film in my spare time.

My love for vintage photography began a few years ago and has since turned into an obsessive hobby. I have countless vintage cameras at home both for decoration and use. As my collection grows I find my digital camera spending much more time left at home. On my past few vacations I have gone completely analog. I love the challenge that it presents because of the limited number of images you can take. It really forces you to wait for the right moments and I honestly just love the way film looks and feels.

I have used Polaroids and Super 8 to capture all sorts of moments in my life and others as well. From weddings to travel to my own engagement. All on film. I don't want to be the next Spielberg or need some crazy camera rig. I just love shooting film. And these are images you will cherish forever so why not make them unique, nostalgic and awesome!"

- Nick Collingwood

RA Friedman - Artist Spotlight - Portraits from the New Jazz Age by Rachel JUN

RA Friedman - 

RA is one of the featured photographers in the gallery show Portraits From The New Jazz Age . He's one of the very few film photographers who has been shooting the Jazz Age Lawn Party using vintage camera gear from the very beginning.  We're delighted to showcase his work alongside all the other talented photographers in the show.  RA will be shooting free instant film portraits at the Gallery Opening Show on Sept 17th, so get there early if you want a free print.

RA Friedman is a photographer who works in New York City and maintains a sky-lit studio near Center City, Philadelphia. A master digital print maker, he uses scanned medium format and 35mm film, as well as digital. Check out his website and instagram for more of his work

Medium format film shot from the 2016 Jazz Age Lawn Party

Gallery Opening Saturday September 17th by Rachel JUN

Gowanus Darkroom presents Portraits from the New Jazz Age, a film photography and alternative process group exhibition featuring images shot entirely at the Jazz Age Lawn Party over the past 5 years and beyond.  Showcasing work from several photographers, this exhibit consists of images made using a variety of photographic and print mediums.  The photographers have attempted to capture the energy of the people and the day in a way that represents the spirit and vigor of the event, employing traditional film photography, silver prints, palladium prints, cyanotypes, instant film and motion picture film.

Facebook Event Details

Click the image for more details

Click the image for more details

Featured Photographers iclude:

Greg Brophy, Nick Collingwood, Nick Cordaro, RA Friedman, Elizabeth Gonzales, Elliot Negron, Erica Price, Mike Scully, Jim Shulman

Also exhibited will be Susan Sills sculpture entitled, "QUE SERA SEURAT?" life size painted cut-out.

We cordially invite you to celebrate the opening of the exhibition. An evening of art, music, good people and great vibes is assured.

Portraits from the New Jazz Age
Saturday September 17th @ 7PM
Gowanus Darkroom
160 7th St #212
Brooklyn, NY 11215

by Rachel JUN

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by Rachel JUN

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Leslie Lyons by Rachel JUN

"The Motherfucking First Amendment" 

"American Gothic Revisited"

Gowanus Darkroom is proud to feature the work of Leslie Lyons and her image, The Motherfucking First Amendment, now on view at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati thru March, 2016. The group show, AFTER THE MOMENT: Reflections on Robert Mapplethorpe, presents work from photographers who are carrying on the Mapplethorpe vision and includes images by Sally Mann, Joel-Peter Witkin and over 30 select artists. You can celebrate this work with us while also supporting the darkroom by purchasing a print.


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by Rachel JUN

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June Member Exhibitition and Party by Rachel JUN

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