Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I book an appointment?
You can make a reservation directly through our website by clicking "Reserve Now."

Can I make changes to my appointment?
You can cancel your appointment using the confirmation email that was sent to you. Then, you can book a new appointment.

What if I can't make my appointment?
Please use the original booking confirmation email to cancel your appointment as a courtesy to us. That way we can plan our schedule accordingly.

Is there a fee for cancelling?
No. You will not pay until your appointment has been completed.

How do I pay for my appointment?
When you're finished using all equipment and facilities, find one of the employees on duty. We'll tally up the amount of time you used and charge you.

Do you accept credit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Can I invite my friends?
If you have guests come with you, they can be in the space as long as they are not using any equipment. If they would like to use the equipment, they will have to book a separate appointment. No more than two people per enlarger.

Do you provide paper?
We may have a small amount of paper for sale on hand, but we recommend that you bring your own paper. Please call ahead for selection.

Do you sell film?
Yes. Please call ahead if you are looking for a specific type.

I can't seem to sign up for a certain class. What does this mean?
It means the class is fully booked, and you will have to sign up for the next one.

Do I need to have an orientation before I arrive?
We will give you a short tour of the facilities the first time you come, and show you all the equipment and where things are. If you feel you are not prepared to process film or print in the darkroom by yourself, please book a private lesson through our website. We will give you a short tour of the facilities.