Gowanus Darkroom is a community darkroom located in Gowanus Brooklyn. We provide photographers with the facilities needed to produce traditional darkroom photographs. We offer hourly rentals, monthly membership, studio rental, and regular classes and workshops.  Our goal is to help preserve the art of analog photography and provide an affordable service for students to practice and learn.



Group Darkroom Features:

  • 10 enlarger stations.

    • Black & white enlargers.

    • All enlargers accept 35mm, medium format, and 4x5 films.

    • Capable up to 20x24.

    • Equipped with grain focusers, easels, filters, and dodge & burn tools.

  • One 8x10 enlarger station.

  • Two gang sinks with built in water filters and temperature controls.

  • Dektol and Kodak chemicals.

  • Guillotine paper cutter.

  • Gralab timers.

  • Delta OC safelights.

  • Archival 16x20 print washer ("the printwasher" by Oriental).

  • Drying racks.

  • Drum and flat print dryers.

  • Heat Press.

Film Processing Area:

  • 10 foot sink with built in water filters and temperature controls.

  • Metal and plastic tanks and reels.

  • D76 and Kodak chemistry.

  • Graduates.

  • Gralab, digital, and Time-o-Lite timers.

  • Film washers.

  • Film dryers.

  • Light table.

  • Loupes.

  • Black out film changing room.

Color Darkroom

Color Darkroom is separated from the group darkroom by blackout curtains.  There are 4 enlargers available to rent, and a black out room with a print processor.


Facilities also include:

  • Epson V700 flatbed film scanner.

  • Pakon 135+ roll film scanner.

  • Canon IPF8300 44In. printer.

  • Jobo CP2 color processor.