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Private Lesson in Film Processing

Private one on one lesson. Learn how to develop one black & white roll of film from start to finish, including:

  • Loading your film in a completely dark black-out room.

  • Learning how to properly mix and prepare your chemistry.

  • Proper techniques for different desired outcomes.

  • Washing and drying your film for archival storage.

  • Cutting and sleeving film.

    You provide your own film. Chemistry is included. Length: 1.5 hours.

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Private Lesson in Darkroom Printing

Private one on one lesson which covers:

  • Explanation of enlargers and darkroom chemistry.

  • Making a contact sheet.

  • Preparing one negative to load into the enlarger.

  • Making one print.

  • Proper washing techniques for archival storage purposes.

    Take home your archival silver gelatin prints. Chemistry and paper included. Length: 2 hours.

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Private Lesson in Color Darkroom Printing

Private one on one lesson. Learn how to enlarge and print from a color negative and take home your prints. Lesson covers:

  • Explanation of color enlargers and color processor.

  • Loading negatives and preparing paper in complete darkness.

  • Proper color correcting and balancing.

    Please do not sign up for this class without first learning traditional darkroom printing, as there is not enough time in the lesson to cover both.

  • Chemistry and paper included. Length: 3 hours.

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Private Advanced Lesson with an Expert

Private, personally tailored lesson with a teacher with over 20 years of experience. Learn the specifics of darkroom printing and hone your skills to a deeper degree. The lesson can be molded to fit your needs or interests, and can cover non traditional techniques as well as all of the classic darkroom tricks. MINIMUM purchase of 2 hours. We believe not much can get done in the darkroom with less than this!

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