Cyanotype Workshop


Cyanotype Workshop


Who should take this class

Anyone with an interest in printmaking and/or antique photographic processes. An understanding of photographic fundamentals may be helpful, but is not necessary.

What you will learn

Students in this course will learn how to make prints using the  cyanotype process, which produces rich blue prints with brilliant highlights.  We will cover all aspects from chemistry to print finishing.

What to bring

Gowanus Darkroom will provide chemistry, paper, brushes, gloves and aprons. Students will need to bring their own print materials.

Print materials can include just about anything. A classic use of cyanotype was making prints from plant clippings, and the term “blueprint” comes from the fact that building plans were printed using the cyanotype process. Traditional photographic printing will work best large format negatives, but Gowanus Darkroom can provide workable digital negatives for those who send artwork at least 7 business days before class.

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