Gowanus Darkroom has a select handful of volunteers. We are a close knit community dedicated to keeping the darkroom a positive working environment. Volunteers are expected to be a part of our community and be fully committed to the position. Shifts are 4-5 hours every week. You will be assigned a week or weekend day and a time slot.

During your shift, you are expected to greet every customer and be the main person in charge. Your job can range from mixing chemicals to troubleshooting a rogue enlarger. Responsibilities include: setting up the darkroom with chemicals, setting up enlargers with lenses, mixing chemicals, processing or scanning film, checking customers in, cleaning and keeping the space organized.

In exchange for volunteering, you gain membership level access to the space. This means you enjoy ALL the benefits that members share outside of your shift time.

Please note that this is an exclusive position with very few openings. It is an active role in our organization and you’ll be expected to treat it as such. If you feel you would be the perfect fit, let us know! It is possible that we may not need any volunteers at the moment, but we do have a waitlist which you may be put on if you seem like a good addition to the team. We will contact you if this is the case.

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One aspect of this position is checking customers in and out of their appointments. You will need to know how to confidently make sales using our Square reader. Give a brief description of any service experience you may have.
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I understand that this position is a large commitment and am prepared to treat it as such.
Although it is a volunteer position, every volunteer here is crucial to our day to day operation. Most volunteers here have been with us since day one.